Monday, 4 August 2014

My Birthday

My Birthday

In the holidays I celebrated my birthday.  I turned eight years old.  First I went to McDonalds at Sylvia Park shopping mall with my auntie Nita and my cousin Paula.  When we got to McDonalds we played shopping and tag.  Then we ate our McDonalds food.

Next we went shopping.  We bought clothes and shoes for me.  They were my birthday presents.  I bought a pair of long blue jeans with glitter on them and a pair of blue shoes with glitter.  They matched each other because the shoes and jeans were both blue and had glitter on them. 

After we had finished shopping we went back home and ate my birthday cake.  It was chocolate and it tasted yummy.  My cousins from Christchurch joined us to eat my birthday cake. Their names are baby Bya, baby Paula, Sione and Seta.

It was my best birthday cake ever and I liked having my cousins with me.  I had a great birthday.

By Uinisieti