Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Fire fighter is my hero

L-I-W.A.L.T-write our local  heroes
success Criteria : I know I can do this when I write an argument about our heroes fire fighters.

I agree  that Fire fighters  are  my hero because they rescue people from   burning houses.They teach us what to do in case there  is a fire. I agree that fire fighter  is my hero because they teach us how to be safe around fire and they work hard to get us out of danger. 

They are my hero because they are brave and they risk their lives trying to save us. They are my hero because they asked  us if we are all right.T
hey care for  us and they care for the people who had been stuck in the fire and the people who didn't survive.

They are  my hero because they could help someone who is stuck in a burnt car.They come to us on time when we call 111.

They are my hero because when they take us out of the burning  house they keep us safe.
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