Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Snail Array

 Today I learned  to use move note to video my self  explaining  my snail array .My strategy was 5+5+5+5=20 or another way is 5 times 4 = 20.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Grouping within ten

This is my Grouping within ten.Today I have been learning to use the shape tool and paint bucket to show my  grouping within ten was 5+5 . I used the cross face shape tool to do this.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Playing Tee golf

Hurray !! Coach Kennel and assistant Stu are teaching us how to play golf.

First we warmed up by hopping through the hoops.We had to hop inside the hoops and if we missed a hoop we  have to  do some push ups.After that we played baseball.I had to hit the ball and run to the hoop with  the stick to get a goal.My team lost two rounds.When we finished , we  had to sit down under the tree .Coach  Stu told us what is courtesy meant. It mean to let others go before you.

Lastly we shook coach Stu  hand  and I said ,''Thank you for teaching me how to play Golf.''

I like Golf because it is my favourite sport.

My Last day of Badminiton

Image result for i love badmintonLast Friday Rm.5L went to the hall to play Badminton.
First we did some warm ups .We played stuck in the mud.We had two taggers and they were Punipuao and Vaughan .They tried to tag someone and then they have to frieze.When Punipuao tagged me I had to frieze. Then Lupe came and clap under my leg, then I was free to go.

Next, we  played rally wave. We have to be in a group of six, then we started to play.Me and Mana was the first one to play against  each other.I hit the shuttle high and Mana couldn't hit it back to me. I beat Mana on the first round.Then me and Mana kept on playing.

Lastly, we all thank  Coach Ben.

Monday, 8 June 2015

 This is my grouping within ten. Today I used blocks to make my grouping within tens. My equation was Three plus Seven equals ten. I also did a number problem and a word problem. I used Three Red blocks and Seven light blue Blocks.

My grouping within ten

This is my grouping within ten. Today I used blocks to make my grouping within tens. My equation was Five plus Five equals ten. I also wrote a number problem and a word problem. I used Five purple blocks and Five white Blocks.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Maths Pattern3

'' Today I to used Google draw to make a 3 repeated patterns.For the shapes, I used Diamonds, crosses and hearts, and green, red and yellow for the colours. The colour for my background was light blue. I had so much fun making this pattern.


Image result for bounce and beyondHave you Been to Bounce and Beyond ? I have because I went there with my uncle and cousins during the school holiday.When I got in Bounce and Beyond I took off my shoe and I went rock climbing with my friends.After that I played on the tractor jumping castle two times.

Then they called us to come inside so we can sing a happy birthday song to my friend from church.We ate some delicious food like sushi ,kumara , potato and some Filipino food.

Later on I rode on the tractor again.I was happy and having so much fun.Best best day ever with my  family and friends.I wish that we could do more things together as one big family.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Animals in trouble

                                          My Crazy cat

Image result for catLast Friday Ginger, my cat climbed up the orange tree at my neighbour's house.
So mum rang the fire fighters to come with a ladder to rescue my cat.
But the fire fighters couldn't because the ladder was too short. So they climbed the fence and climbed on to the orange tree and carried my cat back down safely.

I got so excited that my cat was still here.
Lastly, I started to play with my cat.
I love my cat even if she is silly.