Wednesday, 12 December 2018

My Achievements of 2018 !!

In maths, I have learnt  a lot of ways how to solve math equations and what strategies will be easier and quicker for me to solve them. My next step in maths is to, use my maths skills that I have learnt to help me with my understanding in solving new math problems that I haven’t used before.

In Reading this year, I have been Reading novels which I find  interesting that would help me identify and understand the text that I have been reading about. Therefore I am going to achieve my reading comprehension by asking and answering questions that has been given to me from the text that I have been reading and doing some research about.

For writing, I have been writing explanations about the earth and more other things that would help me to keep up with my writing. I am going to achieve my writing skills by, using more interesting words to make my writing more interesting for my readers to read. Also making sure I have putted my capital letters, punctuation's and full stops in the correct order at all times.

For Religious Education this year, Ms Dines has given us tasks to complete and  to finish before the end of the year. I have learnt ways that Jesus helped others when they are sad, hurt and even helped those who doesn’t believe in God. I am going to achieve my goal by adding more details ( information) to explain what Jesus has done on earth to help others, before he has left, and his message that has been given to us.

For Topic, we have been working on a scientific experiment about electricity and what causes electricity. We also are working on a science experiment that we have chosen to work about. I am going to achieve my goal by, preparing all my ingredients together and to always focus not ( mucking around).

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Monday, 10 December 2018

What Fijians Christmas celebration is like?

The Feast of Christmas and Epiphany !

Learning Intention: Recognise that the birth of Christ reveals the love Aroha of God Te Atua in a human form.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Playing Astria on my own was difficult!

On a scale of 1-5, how successfully did you problem solve with your partner today? Please include any ways you would collaborate differently with them next time?
On a scale of 1 - 5 I will choose 4 because i have problem solved the Astria on my own and I found it hard because i couldn't complete all the missions and was difficult for me to move to the next page, but it would've been better if i had a partner so that we could interact with each other that will be able to help out solve the Mission, and will be good to communicate with others too. 


“Students don’t learn much playing this game called Astria – Countdown to Impact: Their time could be better spent doing other things”.
I disagree that Astria is not just a game you play, its a game where you learn how to connect with your partner while playing together and going to missions to help out the planet Astria. Its not just a game to me, its a game that helps me think critically with my understanding that helps me understand more interesting things that happens, it has also given me ideas about it. In this instance I played on my own, but it would've been better if I played with a partner so that it will help us discuss more ideas.

Friday, 28 September 2018

The Earth Helped Us How Do We Help The Earth?

The Earth Helped Us How Do We Help The Earth?

The rocks and magma comes from the geosphere.

The hydrosphere is the part of a planet that's made of water. Oceans, rivers, lakes, and clouds are all typically included in the hydrosphere.

An atmosphere is a set of layers of gases surrounding a planet or other material body, that is held in place by the gravity of that body. Water is a key part of the biosphere, the part of the earth and the atmosphere where living things exist. All living things need freshwater. Without it, plants and animals dehydrate, or dry up, and die. Humans like us need a lot of oxygen, without oxygen we won't be able to breathe and  we could die.

Water - Water molecules, carry substance to organs, muscles, and bones. It carries away the waste products at are no longer needed in there bodies.  If organs don't get enough water, it dehydrates because there is not enough water in their bodies. Water move and shape the earth, water and ice can change the way a landscape looks by eroding the solid rock. The earth provides us with fresh clean water, they also collect, cracks, pores, and crevices and is the resource of water for wells and springs. The earth provides us with natural resources that will keep us stay alive.

Metal -  Metal is commonly found from the Earth’s crust. They are found in ores which are called minerals, usually occurring in rock. Natural resources are substances that occur naturally. They can be sorted into two categories biotic and abiotic. Biotic resources are gathered from the biosphere or may be grown. Abiotic resources are non-living, like mineral and metals.

(Henry our duffy Hero)

                               Duffy Assembly
Today St Patrick's School attended Duffy assembly. Mrs Twomey introduced Henry to us and gave us a little bit of information about him and his life.

He is a role model to younger ones because he came to persuade us to read books. (Henry our duffy hero) told us to read funny books because it will cheer us up when we are feeling sad. He also told us that Hero’s fight for what they believe in, and he believes that books can change people's lives.

Henry told us a story about how he met a girl at the library and he walked up to her, and when she turned around and looked at him, he was distracted by her enormous Juju Lips, flawless hair and brown eyes.

Books gave him the confidence to speak up and this  also changed his life. From books he grew in courage to talk to the girl with confidence even when he was shy.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Do this in memory of me!

Learning Intention: to recognise that people join themselves with Christ’s offering to God in the Eucharist. Explain the two meanings of “Do this in memory of me”.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Lives of those who converted to Christianity!

Learning Intention: We are learning to explain how the lives of those who converted
to Christianity changed.

After the apostles of Jesus went out and sent God’s message to people,
many became Christian and went out to the world and spread the
message that the apostles of Jesus have taught them. They traveled around the
world spreading the word of God to those who did not believe in Christ. We are still
on a mission today to spread the word of God and continue Jesus work here on

The new converts to Christianity and healers carried out the work of the
apostles of Jesus.
There way of life changed as they sold their property and shared everything
they had.
Most of them were Jews who were used to living according to the laws of the
Jewish leaders.
Gradually they stopped going to the temple and gathered in homes
to pray and break bread.
Many of the new believers became teachers because of the people’s faith and

There are many signs and wonders spent much time together in prayer.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Teaching In The Name Of Jesus Christ

          Teaching In The Name Of Jesus Christ

Learning Intention: To recognise that the apostles passed on the teaching of Jesus Christ so that others could come to know and believe him. Identify and explain some scripture references which refer to the apostles teaching in the name of Jesus. Recognise what happens as a result of the apostles teaching.

The Apostles of Jesus passed on the teaching so that people knows and believe Christ.
The acts of the apostles is about the apostles carrying on Jesus work here on earth and spreading God’s message to the world.

The apostles of Jesus goes on an Journey to spread God’s message and to go out to the world and carry on the work of Jesus the Messiah. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to guide and protect the apostles on their journey, and they were able to speak in many different languages.

The Acts is the fifth book in the New Testament, proclaiming the Kingdom of God and teaching the “Lord Jesus Christ”. The Acts continues to the story of Christianity in the 1st century, beginning with Jesus ascension to Heaven.

Image result for acts of the apostlesImage result for acts of the apostles

Monday, 27 August 2018

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Assumption Of Mary!

Learning Intention: We are learning to recall the life of Mary and recall the feast of the assumption.

Plastic bags are effecting the ocean !

Learning intention: Express an opinion.

Monday, 20 August 2018


Being cybersmart involves being able to recognise the difference between private and personal.

We have been learning what is personal and what is private information.
Personal information we can share online favourite things, hobbies, favourite food, first name and age.

Private information we don’t share online home address, birthdate, home phone number, full name.
If we are not sure we keep it private.

We have shared our personal profiles on our blogs. Please visit our blogs and leave a comment!

Personal Details
Talking to stranger online and not being safe.
Favourite things, hobbies, favourite food, first name
and age.

Wow it's Term 3!

Wow its Week 5 Term 3 2018 ! Talofa Lava everyone, 
I am a year 7 student of St Patrick's School, next year I am going to step up and become a year 8 student and take the responsibility to become a good role model to younger students of our school. As a year 7 student, i'm nervous but excited to step up and take the challenges as a year 8 student next year of 2019 and to become the best person I can be. I love sports especially rugby league, my favorite subject is Religious - Education and Reading.

I love to create and share, Please follow my learning journey!

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

The Farmers Sheep!

There were 25 sheep, and I added one sheep to a corner and made it 4, and 3 sheep were in one area, and another 2 sheep in another area. However I repeated the process over and over again until my sheep were equally divided.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Will I ever get tagged?

Learning Intention:  I am learning to add greater detail and interest in ,u writing by using adjectives.

Will I ever get tag?

Today was sunny and bright,  At morning tea, the intermediate students raced to the top of the playground to see who would be the last person to reach the highest point !  The last person would be the tagger , we all raced like wild animals - because no one wanted to be the tagger.

We played a game of ball tiggy, it was girls versus boys. Boys were in first, they passed the ball to each other so fast and quickly moving as if they were the DC Flash, so that it will be easier for them to catch the girls. I screamed so loud like a girl from a horror movie, and ran so fast using my skills from rugby that I have learnt, so that the boys wouldn’t tag me with the soccer ball.  The girls helped each other passing the ball round and round in circle to make it easier to catch the boys enabling us to tag them faster.

We used different kinds of strategies to catch the boys like, all the girls running round in circles passing the ball to each other, side stepping the boys, pretending that we are invisible and more other things. We also acted like animals in the jungle to distract the boys and even dancing !!!

I had a lot of fun playing with my classmates and other students, it was funny and enjoyable too.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Scripture Reference!

Scripture Reference
Teaching Characteristic
Matthew 5:1-11
On a mountain
Clear message for people to think about.
Matthew 1:3:54
A song of the future of the Glory of Zion.
Mark 2:1-2
Jesus heals the Paralyzed man.
Mark 4: 1-2
By the Lake
He taught people about the parables.
Mark 1:21-28
He taught authority
Luke 7:36-50
Anointed by a sinful woman
Luke 24: 13 - 35
The road to Emmaus
Followers of Jesus preached to him.

Learning Intention: We are learning to Identify the teaching characteristics Jesus used in his role as teacher.

Monday, 2 July 2018

This is what women's wore daily in the 1840's!

For the past few weeks, the focus that our group has been working on is, Fencibles Fashion and what they wore in the 1840's. We started of with discussing and asking questions about what the women's and mens might wore if there was rules for there clothing and also is part of our investigation.
We disguised and created a full Fencible costume based of the time in 1840's.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Scripture that has names that Jesus was known by!

Scripture Reference

John 6:35
I am the bread
John 41
I am a samaritan woman
John 48
God is love
John 8:12
I am the light of the world
John 9:5
I am in the world, I am the light of the world
John 10:7
I am the gate for the sheep
John 10:9
I am the gate;
John 10:11
I am the good shepherd
John 10:14
I am the good shepherd
John 10:36
I am God's Son
John 11:25
I am the Resurrection and the life
John 14:6
I am the way of truth and life
John 15:1
I am the true vine and my father is the gardener

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Subtraction SeaBed

Today my partner and I played a maths game called subtraction seabed. I was focused on this activity by, interacting between my partner and I also following instructions and also helping my partner to find good strategies to get the answer to our maths problem. We learnt a new strategy called making tens and which is a easier way my partner and I can get the answer.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Fencibles In 1848!

Learning Intention: We are learning to identify and use key ideas to express our understanding.

Legs In The Barn!

Learning Intention: We are learning to solve fractions of whole numbers.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

These Are Very Sophisticated !

These words above show that I have learnt them from Woodwork Class At Technicraft on Thursday 24 of May 2018.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Mysterious Stone Of Tonga !

Today I am reading a story about the Mysterious Stones of Tonga of School Journal level 2 August 2017. I find the story very interesting and I learnt alot about it.

There is three large stones. Two are standing and the third stone lies across the top of the two others. This is a stone structure and is called Ha’amonga ‘ a maui  ( the burden of maui) people also calls it the King’s clock stone.

I learnt that the Ha’amonga maui stone was built to teach the King's children an important lesson.  The two upright and left right stones is stood for his 2 sons. The lintel stone is stood for his daughter. In the same way the King wanted his two sons to support their sister, this also shows that they are importance of the womens in Tonga.

The Ha’amonga ‘a Maui is very important to the people of Niutoua village. Every years some children from Niutoua primary school does a special dance around the stone. This stone is very important to all of the Tongans and to the whole world. Reported by - Eti


Learning Intention: We are learning to record the events and emotions 
of Jesus' followers at Pentecost.

Open and Closed questions !

An open questions is a question that requires information.
A closed question is a question that you answer with a yes or no.

Learning Intention: We are learning to identify open and close questions.

Open Questions                             Closed Questions
What made you take tennis up?
Have you ever had an accident?
Who do you play tennis with?
Is it easy to put the brakes on?
Just how mobile are you in the chair?
Would you ever get a motorised wheelchair?

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Statistic Literacy!

“The teachers at Sunshine school wanted to know where the most children play at lunchtime. After one lunchtime they asked all the children where they had spent most
of the lunchtime and made a bar graph.
After analyzing the data from above I have discovered there were 94 children that participated. There were how many of the Juniors and Seniors. The most popular area was the sports field with only seniors and the concrete area for the seniors. In this data the least seniors played is at the tree house and sandpit.

Learning Intention: We are learning to analyse and discuss data display.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

How does it feel to be saved by Jesus!

Learning Intention: We are learning to understand the miracles Jesus performed.

Matthew 8: 28 - 33
Mark 10: 46 - 52
Luke 8: 22 - 25
Mark 5: 25 - 34
Mark 7: 32 - 37
Luke 9: 37 - 43
Mark 5: 21 - 24, 35 - 42
Luke 5: 12 - 16
Luke 5: 17 - 26
Matthew 8: 5 - 8
Mark 6: 53 - 56
Luke 4: 38 - 40

Title: Jesus heals the Gadarene Demoniacs
Scripture reference: Matthew 8: 28 - 33

Person who was saved by Jesus: Two men

What were they saved from?: They were saved from two demonic spirits.

How was their life changed?:

Title: The Healing of Blind Bartimaeus
Scripture reference: Mark 10: 46 - 52

Person who was saved by Jesus: Bartimaeus

What were they saved from?: They were being saved from being blind.

How did his  life change?: His  life was changed because he was meant to be blind, but then Jesus saved him and he could see with his own eyes.

Title: Jesus calms the storm
Scripture reference: Luke 8: 22 - 25

Person who was saved by Jesus: The disciples.

What were they saved from?: The storm.

How was their life changed?:

Title: A Girl Restored to Life and a Woman Healed.
Scripture reference: Mark 5: 25 - 34

Person who was saved by Jesus: A woman.

What were they saved from?:They were saved from being sick.

How was their life changed?: Jesus healed them so they wouldn’t be sick.

Title: Jesus Cures a Deaf Man
Scripture reference: Mark 7: 32 - 37

Person who was saved by Jesus: A man who was deaf and couldn't talk that much.

What were they saved from?: They were saved from

How was their life changed?: Their life was changed because he could actually hear for the first time.

Title: Jesus who healed a demon - possessed boy
Scripture reference: Luke 9: 37 - 43

Person who was saved by Jesus: A little boy.

What were they saved from?: A demon inside their body.

How was their life changed?:

Title: Jesus cleanses a leper
Scripture reference: Luke 5: 12 - 16

Person that Jesus saved: A man with leprosy.

What were they saved from?: The sickness of leprosy.

How was their life changed?: They were clean and he lived a good life.

Title: Jesus forgives and heals the paralyzed
Scripture reference: Luke 5: 17 - 26

Person that Jesus saved: The paralyzed

What were they saved from?: Being paralyzed

How was their life changed?:

Title: The Faith of the Centurion
Scripture reference: Matthew 8: 5 - 8

Person that Jesus saved: A servant who was paralyzed

What were they saved from?: Being paralyzed

How was their life changed?: The man who was paralyzed was healed.

Title: Healing the Sick in Gennesaret.
Scripture reference: Mark 6: 53 - 56

Person that Jesus saved: It was a sick man.

What were they saved from?: He was saved from being sick.

How was their life changed?: Their life was changed because all the people who was sick touched Jesus cloak and they were all healed.

Title: Healings at Simon’s House.
Scripture reference: Luke 4: 38 - 40

Person that Jesus saved: Simon's mother in - law

What were they saved from?: She was saved from having high fever.

How was their life changed?: Jesus stood over her and rebuked the fever and it left her. Immediately she got up and began to serve them.