Wednesday, 28 August 2019

My Dairy Entry - Treasure Box

                                    Diary Entry
Father is sick
As my father and I lay in the old cold mouldy shed, I held his warm hands with tears and fear running down my face. I could feel the weakness in him. His face is cold and is very sick. I had a bad feeling in my gut that a day like this will come where my father is sick and will be leaving me real soon.

The Burial Day
As i'm standing, looking at the mans lowering my father down to his grave, I felt exhausted from digging up a whole to lay him in peace.

I’m speechless and dejected that I can’t see my father again but he’s resting in a better place now.

As I’m walking away, I can feel dust everywhere, covering up my clothes, I can feel the warmth of my father’s hands wrapping around me. I may not see him, but I know he’s with me every step on the way.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Will our lives ever be the same again?

As I looked back I could see people escape from their village as fast as they could or they will get trapped in with the smoke and gas all over the ground.

I could sense the smell of burnt trees, could also smell smokes with gas leaks covering up the village and people trying to escape.

I feel so frighten that the soldiers are doing such a thing and bombing the village, but I'm also shocked and this is the first time this has ever happened. I don't know what made them wanting to hurt us.

I could hear and see kids crying :( screaming '' I want my mummy and daddy".  I could also hear the shooting, and the voices of parents asking for help !. I burst into tears, when I saw kids lying on the ground, it got me so frighten and upset that I made sure the my brother was safe beside me. As we headed towards  the forest to find a place to stay after everything that has been happening for the past few days, we decided to sleep on the side of the road for one night because we were all exhausted from the long walk. We were laying on hard rocks and I felt cold and it was hard. My back was aching, all the rocks were sticking to me and pressing to my spine.

As I woke up to silence, I was glad that we were away from the violence and bombing that happened but I also needed to think about where would my brother and I would start our new journey. We had a discussion and decided to move to the nearest village. I had a bad feeling in my gut about moving on because I have to make new friends, don't know who to trust and I don't know if they will be friendly or not. I felt home sick not being able to see my parent's and relatives anymore.

Will our lives ever be the same?

Friday, 16 August 2019

" Treasure Box'' !

This piece of writing has come from a book we are studying in Drama. The book is called the
Treasure Box. This writing was captured from one image taken from the book.
Keep posted for the rest of my story.