Friday, 11 April 2014

Making Home-made Ice-Cream

Room 1 and Room 2 made vanilla ice-cream in Room 2 after morning tea because we are learning how to turn liquid into a solid.  First we put evaporated milk into a bowl and whipped it for 40 seconds each.  Then we added sugar and vanilla and beat it again.  It looked creamy, thick and fluffy.  Then we put it in the freezer to set.  Finally we ate it and it tasted delicious.  I am excited because I now know how to make homemade ice-cream.

Friday, 4 April 2014

On Friday

On Friday

On Friday I went to the park with my family.  First we went to buy some takeaways, and then we went to the park and ate our food. I bought chicken and chips. After we had eaten our takeaways we played. I played on a spinning thing with my sisters and my cousins. The spinning thing was fun because I got dizzy and I could have fallen off. Next I played at rock climbing. Whoever got to the top of the tall rock got a treat. I got a treat. The treat was a purple primo. It was cool. I would like to go to the park again.

By Uinisieti