Friday, 23 March 2018

Bike safety

Bike Safety

Before you ride your bike make sure to check and see if there are
parts of your bike broken. At night when you go out on a bike ride always
wear a safety vest so that people can see you clearly and so that they will
know which lane you are going on.

When you’re on the road riding your bike make sure to wear a helmet at
all times for safety and to always check and see if there are cars coming by.
Make sure to ask an adult for help if you are stuck on learning how to
ride a bike and always have an adult with you at all times when you go out
for bike riding.

Kids at the age of 3-5 always have to be supervised by an adult and use
training wheels until they are confident. Kids at the age of 10 and over
should be responsible enough to know about their bike safety and how to
keep themselves safe riding a bike at all times.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


All about me!

Introducing my partner and what we did today!

Thursday, 8 March 2018


                           Technicraft Science
What we need:
Gauze Meth
Ice Cubes
Meth burner
1 balloon
A wet cloth
A dish

Today at technicraft room 7 and I were doing an experiment of hot air balloons
with our science teacher Miss Gawith.

We put our materials in our working hand side and were ready to do our experiment.  
First we lit the meths burner and put the tripod over it. We hand rubbed the ice cube and
put it in the flask. My partner grabbed 1 balloon and stretched it out to make it fit into the
flask properly. The ice cubes started to melt and the balloon was heated by the flames of
the meth burns and it grew bigger and bigger and the balloon popped.

I really enjoyed doing an experiment about hot air balloons because I’ve
experienced something new that I haven’t tried before.