Wednesday, 12 December 2018

My Achievements of 2018 !!

In maths, I have learnt  a lot of ways how to solve math equations and what strategies will be easier and quicker for me to solve them. My next step in maths is to, use my maths skills that I have learnt to help me with my understanding in solving new math problems that I haven’t used before.

In Reading this year, I have been Reading novels which I find  interesting that would help me identify and understand the text that I have been reading about. Therefore I am going to achieve my reading comprehension by asking and answering questions that has been given to me from the text that I have been reading and doing some research about.

For writing, I have been writing explanations about the earth and more other things that would help me to keep up with my writing. I am going to achieve my writing skills by, using more interesting words to make my writing more interesting for my readers to read. Also making sure I have putted my capital letters, punctuation's and full stops in the correct order at all times.

For Religious Education this year, Ms Dines has given us tasks to complete and  to finish before the end of the year. I have learnt ways that Jesus helped others when they are sad, hurt and even helped those who doesn’t believe in God. I am going to achieve my goal by adding more details ( information) to explain what Jesus has done on earth to help others, before he has left, and his message that has been given to us.

For Topic, we have been working on a scientific experiment about electricity and what causes electricity. We also are working on a science experiment that we have chosen to work about. I am going to achieve my goal by, preparing all my ingredients together and to always focus not ( mucking around).


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  2. Hi Uinisieti,

    It’s Leslie here, writing to you from Canada where it’s very cold and snowy. Hard for you to imagine, I’m sure! I’m a member of the Summer Learning Journey team and I notice that you've written a great summary of your school year. Well done!!

    I think that you might really enjoy the activities in the Summer Learning Journey because they give you a chance to be creative, making a poster or picture, writing a story or poem, and using your imagination. They also give lots of information about the unusual and unique animals and plants that are found in your beautiful country and in countries around the world. They encourage us to live carefully on the planet.

    There are still 3 full weeks left to participate in the Summer Learning Journey program called “The World Around Us”. Here’s the website address: I hope you’ll take a look and try some of the activities. I’ll look for your postings and write back to you from Canada.

    Meanwhile, have a really happy summer holiday!!